Software / DevOps Engineer
I am a DevOps Engineer and Fullstack JavaScript Developer (QA, Frontend, Backend). I have expertise in pipeline as code, infrastructure as code, micro-services architecture, service discovery, configuration and change management, bash scripting, containerization and container orchestration, monitoring and logging, Kubernetes, Docker, terraform, Ansible, JavaScript, TypeScript, Postgresql RDBMS, Express, React, NodeJS, etc. I deploy and manage infrastructures on AWS and GCP.


2 min read

How To Generate Cucumber Test Report

This is a continuation of test automation with selenium and cucumber. Cucumber test reports are generated when cucumber is used . . .

1 min read

SET-VARIABLES (Github Action)

set-variables is a Github Action for setting multiple variables dynamically. It also accepts the ternary operator syntax . USAGE Variables . . .

2 min read

IGNOREIT (a vscode extension)

A light-weight vscode extension that automatically helps you ignore files and folders which you would probably have to ignore manually.

4 min read

How to SSH into a Circle CI Build Container

During the process of continuous integration and continuous deployment on a circleci server, a container of machine image (linux, mac,

1 min read

TFV (a terraform version manager)

TFV helps you install multiple terraform versions, stores them, and makes it easy to switch to a desired version anytime.

4 min read

End-to-End Test Automation with Selenium and Cucumber

End-to-end testing is a technique in software development lifecycle used to ascertain that the flow of an application is as

8 min read

Configuration and Change Management with Packer & Ansible

This article explains the process of automating configuration and change management using Packer to build a machine image & using