TFV (a terraform version manager)

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TFV helps you install multiple terraform versions, stores them, and makes it easy to switch to a desired version anytime.


Managing multiple terraform versions has been a good experience for me, until I tried using the existing CLI tools to manage multiple terraform versions on a Windows machine.
So, I was motivated to create a CLI tool for managing terraform versions irrespective of my computing environment. I created TFV, a NodeJS CLI tool, that does this with ease. It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS - same command, same result irrespective of your computing environment.


TFV should be installed globally so that it can be run from any location on your computer.

npm install -g tfv


TFV provides several APIs which can help you do the following:

  • Download a terraform version tfv install <version>
  • Switch to a desired terraform version tfv use <version>
  • List all installed terraform versions tfv list
  • List all remote terraform versions tfv list --remote


📅 24-12-2021